Chris Wallace Shuts Down Fox News’ Hunter Biden Fever Dream

Matt Wilstein
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Fox News
Fox News

On the morning of the final presidential debate, Fox’s “straight news” anchors seemed more eager than ever to keep the story about Hunter Biden’s stolen emails and texts alive—despite the fact that Fox News initially passed on the dubious reporting that ended up in the New York Post.

But this time, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace was there to slow their roll.

Wallace chuckled a bit as anchor Sandra Smith listed off the supposedly incriminating details surrounding the former vice president. “There’s a debate tonight,” she reminded him. “How does this play into everything so close to Election Day?”

The moderator of that first disastrous debate between President Trump and Joe Biden predicted that it would “certainly” be brought up Thursday night. “If Kristen Welker doesn’t bring it up—and I think she will if the president hasn’t already—the president will probably bring it up,” Wallace said. “So this is going to come up tonight.”

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From there, Wallace used recent comments from Trump surrogate Mike Huckabee to warn the president that if he if he’s going to bring up Hunter Biden, he has to find a way to tie him to actual concerns from the American people.

“I think the president has to be a little careful here,” he continued. “Because you heard Barack Obama yesterday point out that The New York Times had revealed that Donald Trump has—not had, but has—a secret bank account in China. And said that, you know, if that had come out when he was president, people would have called him ‘Beijing Barry.’” Wallace suggested that Biden might use that as a way to “come back at” Trump for suggesting any wrongdoing between his son and China. (Obama’s actual quote was: “You think Fox News might have been a little concerned about that? They would have called me ‘Beijing Barry.’”)

Finally, Wallace expressed some serious doubts about the veracity of the information in question.

“Remember that the hard drive that the computer guy in Delaware gave to the FBI in December of 2019, so about 10 or 11 months ago, they’ve had,” he explained. “And one assumes that had Biden taken money from a foreign entity while he was vice president and had he lied—because we’ve seen his tax returns from 2019—that we would have seen the fruits of that investigation by now.”

The Daily Beast reported this week that the FBI is currently investigating the materials from Hunter Biden’s laptop as a possible foreign disinformation operation.

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