Chris Watts’ Girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger, Disappeared After He Was Charged With Murder

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Photo credit: Shanann Watts/Netflix/2020
Photo credit: Shanann Watts/Netflix/2020

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In 2019, Colorado man Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and their two daughters, Celeste and Bella in August 2018. The story made national headlines, and people across the United States were horrified. Now, the murders are the subject of a disturbing new true crime documentary on Netflix called American Murder: The Family Next Door.

The documentary tells the story of how Chris, who was having an affair with girlfriend Nichol Kessinger, murdered Shanann and the couple’s daughters because he wanted to start a new life with Nichol. As the documentary footage shows, Nichol told police that Chris told her that he was separated when they started dating, and that she had no idea that Chris was still with Shanann or that Shanann was pregnant with the couple’s third child. She also said she only learned the truth about her boyfriend’s marriage after news broke of his family’s disappearance.

According to documents in the Watts investigation released by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office and obtained by People, however, Nichol’s internet history revealed that she Google-searched the phrase “Man I’m having affair with says he will leave his wife” on July 24, 2018. She also searched Google on topics related to “marrying your mistress” on August 8, 2018.

The records also revealed that law enforcement officials examined Kessinger’s phone and found hours-worth of searches for “Shanann Watts.” After the murders, she also searched “can cops trace text messages.”

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So... where is Nichol Kessinger now?

Nichol cooperated with police during the investigation into the Watts family murders, according to the Denver Post. She later gave an interview with the Denver Post, saying that, “I don’t think there is a logical explanation for what he did. It’s a senseless act, and it’s horrific.”

As for where she is now, it’s unclear. Before Nichol disappeared, she searched online for “Did people hate Amber Frey?” on August 19, 2018, referring to the woman who had an affair with infamous killer Scott Peterson, who murdered his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn child in 2002, according to court documents. Nichol also searched for information on Frey’s book deal and her net worth.

Some think Nichol is in the Witness Protection Program.

There are some internet rumors that Nichol is in the Witness Protection Program, but that’s unconfirmed. Nichol did say to police that she “would not be surprised if it’s gonna be hard to go out in public sometimes for a couple of years,” per the Daily Mail. According to the Daily Mail, Nichol was moved to a different state and given a new job.

Ultimately, it’s hard to know what happened to Nichol. But one thing seems to be clear: She wants to be left alone.

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