Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Favorite Gag Gifts

Lauren Saccone

Chrissy Teigen grins while holding an award, wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress.

For most of us, holiday shopping has reached a fever pitch. Celebrities are scrambling as well, looking for the perfect gifts to give to their friends and loved ones. But some stars have a plan of attack for dealing with lengthy wish-lists and shopping stress. Chrissy Teigen recently shared with Bustle how she handles the holiday gift-giving experience — and which gag gift is always on her shopping list.

Unsurprisingly for the model, cookbook author, and hardcore foodie, Teigen’s list of suggested gifts is decidedly delicious. And like most of us out there, she’s not above relying on Amazon for ideas. In fact, their recommendations have helped her finish off plenty of her shopping this season.

“I really am such an Amazon shopper, and whatever they recommend, I’m like, that is a good recommendation. I love it,” she told Bustle.

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