Chrissy Teigen Wins An Award for Being a Good Person


Chrissy Teigen received an award at the Baby2Baby Gala for basically being a charitable person. She jokingly proves that this and her Giving Tree Award are way more important than any of her husband's Grammy's. She humorously makes a pretty solid point: being a charitable person is arguably better than writing a hit song. Her husband presented her the award at the gala on Saturday night. The two are parents to 1-year-old Miles Theodore Stephens and 3-year-old Luna Simone Stephens.


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The Baby2Baby Gala takes place every November and raises millions of dollars to help the children in poverty that the non-profit is dedicated to serving daily. “Baby2Baby provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves,” the charity’s website reads. Chrissy Teigen was presented with the Giving Tree Award for using her social media to raise awareness and advocate for children living in poverty. She accepted the award from husband John Legend.

During her speech she said, “No kid should go hungry. No kid should not go without the basics in their home. I feel honored to be honored … “[Our daughter] is no stranger to packing up all of her toys and sending them off, and knowing that people are going to open them and love them more and be so excited by them,” she continued. Her award speech was very moving and touched many hearts that night. However, her actions that followed brought a very different kind of tear to peoples eyes: tears of laughter. When the couple got home that night, Teigen walks over to a shelf containing John Legend's Grammy Awards. She takes two of them off and replaces them with her Giving Tree Award placing it right in the center of the shelf.

This is her not so subtle, teasing way of saying just one Giving Tree Award is worth the value of two Grammy's. Fans got a kick out of the hilarious video capturing every moment. One person tweeted, “This is the best video on Twitter right now! Men, take note; Hold your queen upon the pedestal she belongs on, or one day, she might decide she doesn’t need any help, and stand proud, on her own." Another fan joked, “You just need to take over that entire top shelf... or make a new top-shelf. Cause you're definitely always on top. No one puts Chrissy on the bottom."