Christie in new fundraising push claims Biden, Trump both ‘past their sell-by date’

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie on Friday took jabs at former President Trump and President Biden in a new fundraising pitch, suggesting their time in Washington has expired.

“Both the Trump and Biden families are past their sell-by dates in this country. It’s time to move on,” Christie said on X, previously known as Twitter. “I’m tired of the what about-ism. The conduct in both of these families is troubling.”

Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, said conspiracies within both families “need to be looked at.” He was seemingly referencing a recent federal indictment against Hunter Biden, the president’s son, over gun charges and the former president’s slate of legal troubles.

Trump faces three criminal trials in the coming months, including two cases over allegations he attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

In his donor push, Christie asked followers to “join the 75% of Americans in moving on from them,” including a link to his donor page.

The former governor is one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the 2024 race, and has previously said that the charges laid against the former president are extremely serious.

He has also added to the ongoing criticism of Biden and Trump’s ages — 80 and 77 respectively. If elected, either candidate would be the oldest president in history at the end of their second term.

Republicans have constantly brought up the president’s age in attacks, though polls show that a significant number of Democrats also carry concerns. Still, Democrats have complained that Trump hasn’t gotten the same scrutiny.

Christie raised $1.6 million in the first month of his campaign in June, according to the most recent federal campaign filings. The next FEC fundraising deadline is at the end of this month, Sept. 30.

Trump remains the frontrunner in the GOP primary, garnering about 55 percent of support in recent national polling averages. Christie has just over 3 percent support.

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