For Christmas, a day at work

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Dec. 27—ANDERSON — People working on Christmas Day either volunteered, it was their regular shift or they wanted to earn the extra money.

While most people had the holiday off, first responders were on duty, the Madison County Dispatch Center continued daily operations, employees were at the Madison County Community Corrections Complex or working at a local convenience store.

Brandon Nave has been a member of the Anderson Fire Department for six months and was helping cook the morning breakfast at headquarters.

"I signed up to work," he said. "I did it to help out and more money. My family does Christmas the day before or day after."

Greg Reed has been a firefighter in Anderson for 32 years and volunteered to work on Christmas Day for the additional pay.

"We did our holiday on Friday," he said.

Gary, also a firefighter for 32 years, said he signed up to work because his children are adults.

"We do our holiday on Christmas Eve and thought I'd work to let some of the young guys spend time with their young kids," Condon said.

The firefighters were either working 72-hour or 48-hour shifts.

Todd Daniels, a four-year member of the Edgewood Fire Department, went to an emergency call Christmas morning.

"I responded to a call," he said. "If something happens today, I'll get the call."

Daniels said he volunteered to work and will spend the day with his family in Anderson.

"I work every day when I'm available," he said. "I'm on call today."

Haley Daniels is also a member of the Edgewood Fire Department and on call.

Sulyn Wilkerson, a supervisor at the combined police and fire Dispatch Center, said Saturday is her regular day to work, which falls on both Christmas and New Year's days this year.

Wilkerson has been a dispatcher for 27 years.

"This is my regular rotation to work," she said. "If the holiday is on your rotation you work, it's holiday pay, so it helps."

Wilkerson started work at 2:30 a.m. Saturday and worked until 2:30 p.m.

"I spent Christmas Eve with my family, and when I get off, I'll be back with them," she said. "Open gifts with my three grown kids and five grandchildren, so I'm looking forward to spending time with them."

Wilkerson said she planned to work the two holidays because of her job's schedule.

Andrew Walda has been working for two years at the Community Corrections Complex and offered to work.

"I volunteered because my father has COVID, so I couldn't go to Christmas," he said. "I believe I get some extra pay."

Walda said his sister was working for IU Health on Saturday, and they will spend time together.

"It's a tough day," he said. "It's hard for people in work release and not be able to spend time with their families. It's kind of a stressful day, so we try to make it as easy as we can."

Angela McConnell was working at the Edgewood Get Go store and offered to work.

"I volunteered because I don't have any little kids and some of them do," she said. "My husband and daughter are cooking while I'm here."

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