Christmas gifts that not everyone will get. I told you I'm not Scrooge. | Adams

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, and all it cost me was column space.

Lisa Riddle: Our prayers for a full recovery.

Saul Young: An Adam Lau mask.

Udit Chaudhuri: My gratitude.

Jim Peters: 18-wheelers that get 50 miles to the gallon.

Jerry Antrican: A Honda Accord that will never die.

Roger Davis: A lifetime gift card to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Mike Hensley: A family reunion on any day but the third Saturday of October.

Ray Bales: More seniors helping more seniors.

Tim Riddle: A second home in North Baton Rouge.

Becca Wright: Second thoughts.

Adam Lau: A Saul Young mask.

Brandee Miller: A "y" for two "e's."

Rosie : The world's largest Barbie Doll.

Elizabeth Richter-Tarver: A chauffeur’s license.

Leo Collins: Self-trimming Christmas trees.

Breckenridge Morgan: More Neyland Stadium selfies.

Owen Ergenbright: An art gallery for his drawings.

Connor Ergenbright: An internship with ESPN.

Linda Brantley: Anything that goes with her green eyes.

Chris Laisy: An oil painting of Gino Marchetti.

Paige Leslie: A weekend getaway in Crossville.

Jeff "Beano" Henderson: A Colts quarterback who reminds him of Johnny Unitas, Bert Jones, and Peyton Manning.

Alma Bayless: A weekend getaway on Cedar Lane.

Brad Bain: A Tony Basilio impersonation.

Angela Gosnell: More compassion for the elderly.

Tony Basilio: Film of a fight between Sugar Ray Robinson and Carmen Basilio.

Laura Basilio: A plaque on her kitchen wall that reads: “Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your callers.”

Andrea Neely: Vanderbilt season football tickets.

Brenda Parsley: A 1977 Trans-Am.

Carlee Miller: See "Brandee Miller."

Jerri Kirwin: A 1968 Chevy Super Sport red convertible.

David Gentry: A year's supply of frozen chicken patties.

David Powell: A guardrail.

Peggy Spruiell: More research.

Mike Griffith: A podcast with Butch Jones.

Phil Cooper: Lunch with Rick Barnes at the Final Four.

Jimmy Hyams: Video of his last tennis match with John Adams.

Still Carrying On: A run for the roses.

Blake Toppmeyer: A celebrity deer hunt.

Brenna McDermott: A pet dragon.

Joshy Boy: A winning parlay ticket.

Barnie Boy: A Tony Vitello jersey to wear next football season.

Timothy Waylon Ault: A good start.

Colden Cooper: A winning eight-team parlay.

Amanda Nichols: Pom-poms.

Coach Richard: An X's and O's discussion with Josh Heupel.

Carol Jarnigan: Jarrett Guarantano’s autograph.

Bob Hodge: A Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl.

Dave Hooker: A pair of crutches from Walgreens.

Titans Bill: A date with Shirley Jones.

Brian Hartman: A truce with Titans Bill.

Alan Hatfield: Joy from the success of others.

Ami Fetterman: The Ladies 8-ball championship.

Donna Colburn: A Big Blue SUV with a Mark Stoops sticker.

Marcos Garza: A Florida onside kick video.

Jackie’s Dream: Expansion.

Mary Gentry: A bigger entourage.

Daniel Gentry: Lots of crawl space.

Craig Jenkins: A lifetime achievement award.

Hannah Wright: See “Brenna McDermott.”

Caitie McMekin: A backstroke.

Richard Murray: The perfect trip.

Hendon Hooker: An NFL career as good as his college one.

Tennessee Vols: The best NIL deals in college sports.

John Currie: A VFL plaque for hiring Tony Vitello.

Jordan Beck: A lifetime supply of bat stickers.

Tony Vitello: A lifetime supply of Mike Honcho T-shirts.

Aaron Rodgers: Jordan Rodgers’ hair.

Nigel Melas: Big tips.

Rosie Metcalf: More photo shoots.

Jordan Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers’ career.

Ashley Draper: A hearing aid.

Ted Shaver: Lunch with Chipper Jones.

Amit Patel: Lunch with Paul Jones.

Drew Gilbert: A spot in the Astros outfield.

Lori Nicely: A late lunch with Jane.

UT baseball: A finish as good as its start.

Vanderbilt baseball: A state runner-up trophy.

Josh Allen: A playoff rematch with Patrick Mahomes.

Pittsburgh Pirates: A participation trophy.

New England Patriots: NFL receivers.

Zack Tarver: Solitude.

Courtney Pappas: Less turbulence.

Mary Murray: Somewhere she hasn’t been.

Sage Ramage: A pet nutria.

Marky Phillips: A marriage as fun as a Ferris wheel ride.

Neyland Stadium: Statues of its sports collective members.

Los Angeles Dodgers: A postseason as good as their regular season.

Cayla Sturgeon: A personality restrictor plate.

William Holbert: Driving gloves.

Rick Barnes: A Final Four net.

Rick Coad: A bestseller.

The major leagues: A pitcher limit.

Sarah Ownby: Neater kitchen shelves.

Melinda Adams: A bracelet commemorating her 100th photography award.

Mike Wilson: A trip to Omaha.

Brooklyn Nets: A chemistry class.

Wade Tipton: Higher-quality students.

LeBron James: A bumper sticker that reads "I beat Father Time."

Troy Provost-Heron: His own classroom.

Elon Musk: A reality show.

Drew Edwards: Good times.

Josh Heupel: A radar gun for measuring his offense.

Kellie Harper: See “Rick Barnes.”

Skip Taylor: A Jerry Jones Bobblehead.

Donna Richter: Impromptu dinner guests

Amanda Farmer: A photographic memory.

Kelly Cannon: A bumper sticker that reads "Proud Mamaw" on board.

Tommy Wilson: A red sportscar with an alarm system.

Chris Rock: A mouthpiece.

Will Smith: A left hook.

Luna Masini: Longer walks.

Lady Johnson: A hurricane-proof home in Florida.

Doug Littleton: A new routine.

Heather Colandro: Extra work shifts.

Ava Ramage: Home runs and circus catches.

Tom Roberts: His 14th hole-in-one.

Bailey Arnold: 20 lashes a week.

The Kardashians: Substance.

Tiger Woods: Another green jacket with a matching green knee brace.

Margie Holbert: Baby steps.

Larah Ramage: No-contact volleyball.

Matt Dixon: A DVD of “The Kentuckian.”

Tony Headrick: A red legged honey creeper in his backyard.

Crystal Blake: A serious relationship.

James Miller: Good brakes.

Veterans: What they deserve.

The world: A COVID vaccine that works.

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This article originally appeared on Knoxville News Sentinel: Tennessee football, basketball Christmas gifts from John Adams