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Chuck's Guarontees

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Check out the latest edition of Chuck's Guarontees presented by FanDuel.

Video Transcript

RO PARRISH: And we welcome you to season two of Charles Barkley's--


RO PARRISH: Now, hold up for a second, Chuck. Now we officially have a sponsor, so now it's Chuck's GuarONtees, presented by FanDuel SportsBook, where you get to witness the pride of Leeds, Alabama, and his picks for the week. And by the way, Chuck, just in case you don't know, I always have the option to roveto, which means I directly oppose whatever you pick.

CHARLES BARKLEY: You know, first of all, you can't be making up words. There's no such word as robedo. That's just something you made up.

RO PARRISH: You know what? That's OK, though. It works for this show. And by the way, we're going to keep a tally all season for those of you who want to keep score at home. So Chuck, let's go ahead and begin. The new look Brooklyn Nets. They got James Harden in that blockbuster trade. Now, listen closely and you need to tell me which one will happen first and which one is guaranteed. Number one, Kyrie returns from his absence, James Harden makes his debut, or Kevin Durant will post a triple double, which would be his first of the season. He has 12 in his career.

CHARLES BARKLEY: James Harden will play. Of those, James Harden first. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: All right, this one right here. I know you're going to love this one because it includes one of your favorite teams. You got Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers, going up against Trae Young. This is in Portland. Which player is going to have the most three-pointers made? Who you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: Dame Lillard. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: I got a roveto coming in, because Trae's going to be ready, and he's going to be looking to launch listen. You know he's ready to shoot that thing at any given time.

CHARLES BARKLEY: Yeah, but you know, if you see-- and this is one you young guys don't understand. When you're a star like Dame Lillard is, when some young buck who's coming for you, you're living for this. He's going right for Trae Young's head. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: OK, we'll write that one down. Now we've witnessed these two make history in the bubble. Baby, the M&M show is back. I'm talking about Donovan Mitchell, and I'm talking about Mr. Jamal Murray. So these two are going at it. So we're going to total up points, rebounds, and assists from each player when they go head-to-head in Denver. Which player do you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: Donovan Mitchell. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: OK, I ain't mad at that at all. I ain't mad at that at all. OK, let's look at the bigger picture right now. Who is going to the NBA Finals? Number one, second part, who's winning?

CHARLES BARKLEY: I can't answer that yet.

RO PARRISH: Naw, naw, naw, naw.

CHARLES BARKLEY: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

RO PARRISH: Naw, naw, naw, this is not how the game works, Chuck. This is not how the game works.

CHARLES BARKLEY: OK, the Portland Trail Blazers are going to the Finals, GuarONtees! And in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to the Finals. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: Roveto right now. Give me the Los Angeles Lakers and give me the Boston Celtics to come out in the NBA Finals, with the Boston Celtics winning the championship.

CHARLES BARKLEY: Man, really, oh my goodness. Nice try.

RO PARRISH: OK, I know you pay attention to pro football. The divisional round is here, and we have some games. I know you were really heavy on those Cleveland Browns last week, so we got them going up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Who you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: I got the Cleveland Browns. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: Roveto. There's no way that the Cleveland Browns are going to take down the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, and I'm going to leave it at that. Bills-Ravens, who you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: Oh, the Buffalo Bills, my Super Bowl pick to get to the Super Bowl.

RO PARRISH: All right, let's go to the NFC. You've got the battle of the Packers and the Rams, who you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: I got Aaron Rodgers. GuarONtees!

RO PARRISH: Then you have the Saints and the Buccaneers, the two older quarterbacks. Who you got?

CHARLES BARKLEY: I got Tom Brady. I don't think they can beat him three times. I'm going with the Buccaneers. GuarONtees!