Church shooter tackled by wedding guests

There was a church shooting at a wedding in Pelham, New Hamphire on Saturday.

But there were no casualties as those attending decided to take matters into their own hands.

Chief of Police Joseph Roark describes what officers saw when they arrived on the scene.


"Upon arrival, a wedding was occurring at the church, and the police officers discovered a suspected shooter being detained and subdued by the guests of the wedding. They placed that individual into custody and arrested him. They then noticed two victims were suffering from gunshot wounds. They rendered medical aid to those two individuals. Those two individuals were transported from the scene by the Pelham Fire Department ambulances. The suspect was brought to our station at the Pelham Police Department. This does not seem to be a random event at this point, at least that's what preliminary investigation is telling us. I also want to stress that there have been no deaths reported in relation to this shooting."

There was a third individual taken the hospital but not due to gunshot wounds.

Police that person may have been hurt when wedding guests tackled the suspected gunman and held him down until police arrived.

It is not yet clear what relationship the suspect had to either the wedding couple or those attending the ceremony.