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Coronavirus: Church Sues To End Illinois Stay-At-Home Order

The lawsuit alleges Gov. J.B. Pritzker “flagrantly violated” Illinoisans' constitutional rights by deeming religious services nonessential.

Cubs, Major League Baseball Sued By Fan Who Was Hit By Foul Ball

A 28-year-old woman suing the Cubs said she still suffers bloody noses from when she was hit by a foul ball at Wrigley Field in 2018.

Man Charged With Fatally Strangling Nephew

Police say Dominick Taylor, 50, was arrested in Michigan Tuesday after a $2 million warrant was issued in Illinois.

Coroner Works To ID Man Found Dead At Forest Preserve

A digital facial reconstruction provides authorities and the public with an idea on what the unidentified man looks like.

Historical Museum Wants Your 'Coronavirus Memories'

"One day, we will all use these materials to remember this important event in history," museum officials said.

Amur Leopard Cub Born At Brookfield

The cub was born March 3 at the zoo, which is closed to the public.

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