First Sunday mass since new mask rules announced

Chicago area churches will hold Sunday services for the first time since the Archdiocese of Chicago announced new mask rules.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Good morning. Well, parishioners here at Holy Name Cathedral arriving with their mask on. That's despite this archdiocese of Chicago relaxing some of the mask regulations. People here at Holy Name still have to wear a mask, but because of those relaxed regulations folks at other church may not have to.

Now, the changes are being made in accordance with the CDC'S new mask guidelines that allow parishes to options for masses. They can allow fully vaccinated churchgoers to go maskless as long as they provide verifiable proof of vaccination. Or they can simply continue to require everyone to wear masks until the state reaches the final stage of reopening.

ANGELA LUBY: This is my first time back to church since March 2020. OK. I'm very anxious to get back and there's an excitement about it. And I feel more at ease now. More people are vaccinated and we still can wear a mask.

RICHARD KIJOWSKI: To get used to wearing it now, you know, there's so many regulations you want to try to behave.

EVELYN HOLMES: Well depending on how folks are really feeling about the mask or no mask situation, most people all of them really here coming Two masks are abiding by that and following the rules. Now the archdiocese has said that this may not be for all different parishes. Some of those smaller ones that don't have the staff to be able to check out whether someone has actually been vaccinated, they probably will remain with all mask on.

So at this mass, we have a 10:00 coming up. We expected everyone will have mass then as well as there are two other masses this afternoon here at Holy Name Cathedral as many people here coming to worship say it's really just a sign that we're getting back to normal. Reporting live from outside. Holy Name Cathedral, Evelyn Holmes.