Churros is top-trending Google recipe during US lockdown


Over the last month, households across America took to their kitchens to try their hand at making churros, deviled eggs and carrot cake. At least that's according to Google Trends.

In the last 30 days since much of the US went into lockdown with the pandemic, and restaurants were forced to shutter, Google Trends reveals the recipes American households looked up on the online search engine.

The top rising recipe search term as of April 28? Churros, which saw a 350 percent spike in searches compared to the same period last year.

One possible explanation could be because earlier this month, Disney Parks revealed the secrets to their popular Churro Bites recipe. The quarantine-friendly recipe calls for common household ingredients: just butter, flour, frying oil, eggs, cinnamon and sugar.

Easter drove up search terms for foods like devilled eggs, ham, lamb and mutton, while ambitious (and bored) home bakers took to Google to look up how to make sourdough, bagels and cinnamon rolls.

Here are the top-trending recipe search terms over the last 30 days on Google in the US, in order:

Deviled egg
Whipped cream
Carrot cake
Lamb and mutton
Cinnamon roll