Cigar-Shaped ‘UFO’ Is Spotted From Space Station - Then ‘NASA Feed Cuts Out’

UFOlogists have spotted yet another aliens spacecraft near the Space Station - and suggest that the cigar-shaped craft may have visited us before.

Tireless alien-spotter Scott C Waring captured the object in NASA’s feed from the Space Station - and pointed out a similarity to a supposed vehicle seen near the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2006.

UFO spotters often cite such objects as ‘proof’ of alien craft - but then neglect to report the down-to-earth explanations found for objects seen in space.

In 1970, NASA administrator Robert F Allnutt concluded, ‘After fifteen years of manned space voyages including space stations and landing on the Moon, spacemen have brought back not a shred of evidence – verbal, photographic, or otherwise – for the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft, or ‘UFOs’

That, of course, doesn’t wash with Scott C Waring - who has reported bizarre sightings throughout the solar system.

Waring says, ‘As I was watching, I noticed a long cylinder object floating along side and below the space station. Its speed was matched with the ISS, but the object was semi-transparent.

‘Just when I thought it was about to come into focus, the screen went blue. Thats what happens when NASA catches a UFO on cam, they cut the feed for a few minutes.

‘It reminds me of the cylinder UFO and orbs seen on world wide CNN back in 2006 near the space shuttle atlantis long ago, which was also followed by 5-10 grey metal orbs.’

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