The Circle’s Scott: I wanted to change perceptions of elderly people

The Circle star Scott Paige has said he wanted to “break the mould” and change perceptions of elderly people by playing his grandmother on the Channel 4 reality show.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PAIGE: You know, I love "The Circle." And I was like, if I want to go in as a catfish, I need to be someone that is different, and also that I would think would be popular in the show. I just think, you know, I'm an actor as well. So I thought I'm going to use that to my advantage, really.

And also, some people might find me a little bit boring as myself or a bit like too much. Some people think I'm like Christopher Biggins on acid, and they'll be like, "No, too much, absolutely too much. So I thought, who could I be that would be popular, entertaining, and just a different character. And I thought, you know, an 85-year-old lady has never been in "The Circle."

You know, my nan isn't your stereotypical 85-year-old. She's active and she's just full of life and full of energy and dances around it and is just like a lover of life. So I thought, why not be my nan? Let's create this lovely like little Circle nan that everyone loves and, you know, that everyone goes to, and so like an agony aunt sort of figure.

So that's what I wanted. I thought, oh, my God, this is a perfect-- this is perfect because I want-- that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to sort of break that mold and think-- I wanted peo-- I wanted also, like, if all people watch-- elderly people watched the show, I want them to go, oh, that's-- I'd love to do that.

You know, I mean, I want to sort of like Dot to be an inspiration for them as well as me because it's-- anyone-- age is just a number, and I went in there being like, you know, Dot is a lover of life. She loves life. She does things that are spontaneous, and she just wants to live life to the fullest. So why not do a program like this?

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