Cirus Foundation And D-Vois Partner To Bring Web 3.0 To 1 Million Households

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The emerging connectivity of the developing world has the opportunity to onboard millions of more citizens into the Web 3.0 economy. As India moves on-chain, services like payments, DeFi loans, and gig economy workers can be settled on-chain and bring immense efficiency upgrades on existing systems, while placing more of the global blockchain economy into its citizen's hands.

The Cirus Foundation’s technologically advanced Cirus Device will be both the delivery mechanism and engagement platform for millions of crypto-curious and crypto-reliant users. Replacing a normal Wi-Fi router, allows users to protect their data and earn money from their time spent online, as well as providing them with broader integration into the Web 3.0 economy through its staking and DeFi services. The Cirus Platform works seamlessly with the Device to provide the ultimate user experience.

“The complementary approach of virtual and hardware-based solutions is part of a long-term strategy in which the homeowner will start a gradual progression of leveraging the utility and value of their data.” Said Cirus Co-Founder, Samartha

It will further allow users the ability to easily off-ramp their crypto earnings from using the integrated platform into their local currency, providing a steady stream of important income for simply doing the things they already do.

To expand this vision, the foundation has announced a strategic contract with D-Vois which, further to previous initiatives set out in the agreement, will deliver the Cirus Device to one million households, with an estimated five users per household. These households will have instant access to the Cirus Ecosystem, and they can begin to monetize their data immediately.

Cirus Foundation has worked tirelessly on the device to ensure that the data captured by the Cirus Device was useful, protected, and provided clear value to its users. D-Vois, whose brand I-On is a trusted name in multiple sectors, and whose move into residential broadband has met with eager approval from the industry, were thrilled with the ratifying of the partnership.

“We are eagerly waiting for the supply of the first million routers and post our deployment, we are eager for the next million routers and beyond. The router roll-outs along with the immersive experience of the platform will enable our clientele to experience the first-of-a-kind solution. We have an exceptional belief that enabling people to earn data remittance with a multi-faceted approach keeps the customer happy and engaged for follow-on solutions. It’s a journey we can embark on together.” Said D-VoiS, CEO Ramesh Sathya

This partnership between Cirus Foundation and D-Vois looks set to break open the new blockchain-powered financial sector in the most rapidly developing and high potential country in the world. The Cirus Device will act as a supercharged Wi-Fi power that will, with D-Vois’s peerless broadband services, help connect India to the incredible potential of the Web 3.0 economy and thrust the Ownership Economy back into the hands of the people.

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