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Citations Issued For Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott After His Dog Reportedly Bit 2 People

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Two people were reportedly bit by one of Ezekiel Elliott's dogs after all three of them escaped Thursday morning from his Frisco home.

Video Transcript

- An investigation that is now underway in Frisco where police were called after a dog attack involving one of Ezekiel Elliott's rottweilers. Our Nicole Nielsen now giving us the latest details.

JAMEY CANTRELL: It can be fear, it can be territorial issues. It can be dominance.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Ring video obtained by CBS11 shows the moment a victim of a dog attack sought help.

- Help me, I got bit by a dog.

- Oh my god.

- Call 911 right now.

- Come on.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Two people were reportedly bitten by one of Ezekiel Elliott's dogs after all three escaped yesterday morning from his Frisco home. Police and animal services were immediately called to the Starwood neighborhood to contain the animals. One of them, a rottweiler, has been placed in a 10 day quarantine, something that nearby Plano Animal Services says is required by Texas State law.

JAMEY CANTRELL: Just to determine that there was no way that they could have transmitted rabies at the time of the bite incident.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Elliott was not home at the time but did receive three citations for the loose animals.

JAMEY CANTRELL: It happens quite frequently. I mean, there-- I don't think most people just turn their pets loose for the fun of it. I think that, you know, sometimes the gate was left open accidentally. Maybe the kids that were-- you know-- forgot to close it good.

NICOLE NIELSEN: This isn't the first time the NFL star has come under fire for his pets. Frisco police say he's not received previous citations, though he is facing a civil lawsuit after a pool cleaner said they were attacked by one of Elliott's dogs last year. That case goes to trial in 2022. Plano Animal Services says the incident is the exact reason why pet owners need to keep their animals secure.

JAMEY CANTRELL: It's normally an accidental type of thing. But unfortunately, this case kind of highlights why it's so important to do everything possible to prevent those because all it takes is just one incident and people can get hurt.

NICOLE NIELSEN: In Frisco, Nicole Nielsen, CBS11 News.

- And just so you know, Frisco Animal Services continues to investigate the attack. And police, for right now, have not released how much Mr. Elliott will have to pay for each citation that he has received.