Cities and counties study long-term water demand as new residents flood into Florida

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Close to 1,000 people move to Florida every day. But all those new people can put a strain on our resources.

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City leaders in Central Florida are working to protect their water supply.

Leaders in Volusia County are commissioning a water study to see the potential impact over the next 20 years.


The mayor of DeLand said the goal of the water study is to help cities and counties develop a plan to cover the current demand and how future needs may change that.

“Water is very critical to ever community in Florida,” said DeLand Mayor Bob Apgar.

And it’s something no one can take lightly.

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A company in Port Orange will do the study and work to create a water supply plan for each city.

The plan will review the existing water and reclaimed water demands, look at future development through 2042 and key in on any potential deficits between the current supply and future demand.

Meeting that demand and keeping within its limits is something Apgar said DeLand has done well.

“It’s good that we are finding those options,” Apgar said.

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The consultants will also identify potential groundwater supply and alternative water supply projects that may be needed.

The water supply plan would have a maximum cost of $300,000 and take a year to complete.

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