‘Cities Rising’ returns

Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric presents new episodes of our signature series “Cities Rising: Rebuilding America,” which is returning to Yahoo this summer!

Once again Katie is hitting the streets to speak with celebrities, politicians and, most importantly, everyday Americans who are doing incredible things for their communities — people who are using both ingenuity and innovation to revitalize some of the most important cities in our country.

Last time we visited Detroit, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston, Oakland and Pittsburgh. This time we will be setting our sights on “the Valley of the Sun,” Phoenix; New York City’s largest and most diverse area, the borough of Queens; and what many residents like to call “the best location in the nation” — Cleveland!

So join Katie Couric this summer as we take an up-close and personal look at the people that make these places great, in our newest edition of “Cities Rising: Rebuilding America.”