City of Acworth hosts 2nd Pizza, Pints and Pigskins Festival

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Sep. 11—ACWORTH — The fields and sidewalks of Logan Farm Park saw heavy foot traffic Saturday as the community gathered for an afternoon of local music, college football and food from some of Acworth's local eateries at the Pizza, Pints and Pigskins festival.

"It's a little more fun working out here as opposed to working inside the shop," said Massimo Andreozzi of Acworth, owner of Vesuvio Pizzeria Napoletana in nearby Kennesaw, a vendor at the festival.

Andreozzi has been serving the community for seven months, saying he joined the festival lineup because he wanted to introduce himself to residents who may not yet know he is in business. He said his favorite thing on the menu is his Margherita pizza, adding that the versatility of the recipe, made with mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce, makes it the top choice for many.

"It's simple," Massimo said.

Pizza, Pints and Pigskins, now in its second year, made its way to Acworth in 2019, when Bill Watson, event coordinator with JRM Sales and Management, had the concept of their community-bonding event, with the only missing piece being a proper home.

The company found a spot in 2018 when Logan Farm Park opened to the public. JRM partnered with the city of Acworth, and the following year, the inaugural Pizza, Pints and Pigskins festival took place there.

"We just loved the concept for our idea," Watson said. "Who wouldn't want to come by?"

The event had to pause in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following year, Watson said, local restaurants and shops were struggling to stay afloat with the slow end of the pandemic, and the decision to halt for one more year was made.

The city of Acworth helped provide certain services, including a stage for live music, restrooms and a large screen that displayed football games all afternoon, Watson said.

Each vendor was charged a fee to participate, with the total cost of the event remaining unknown.

"You just have to build it, and if people like it, they will come," Watson said.

The community took in as much of the festival as they could before rain returned to the area, with the day's activities falling under the backdrop of games such as Alabama vs. Texas and Georgia vs. Samford.

"It's really good to see everyone out here, especially in a downtown area like this that's growing and thriving," said Brad Kireta, a festivalgoer from Adairsville who was visiting with his grandchildren.