City to consider issuing IRBs to establish new senior living facility

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Jul. 3—Manhattan city commissioners Tuesday will consider issuing up to $8 million in industrial revenue bonds (IRB) for the construction of up to three new independent senior living facilities at 4935 Colbert Hills Drive.

Foundation Park HomePlus, LLC of Wichita wants to use the IRBs to acquire a 3.2-acre site to create three, 12-bed home-plus facilities. Each building will be 8,340 square feet with 12 single bedrooms. The facility will house an open kitchen, dining facilities, therapy room, a large living area and covered and wrap-around porches, among other amenities. The IRBs also will finance building furniture and equipment, officials said.

Officials said Foundation Park HomePlus will operate the adult home care facility with facilities licensed by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Foundation Park HomePlus plans to hire 26 new employees in the first three years of opening. Average hourly wages range from $15-$50, officials said.

Manhattan issues IRBs to entities for development to better the entire economy. Under an IRB, the city takes ownership of the property and leases it back to the entity, which makes the annual principal and interest payments on the bonds equal to the lease payments.

Commissioners also will consider vacating a utility easement at 4513 Grande Bluffs Circle. The homeowner, Daniel Perry, wants to build a pool in the lot and the neighboring one, which the person also owns. Commissioners must vacate the utility easement and hold a public hearing before crews can work on the pool.

The commission will look at another section of the Manhattan Development Code, specifically reviewing nonconformity definitions. Nonconformity involves properties that don't fit current zoning. The main goal is to put all the zoning and design information into one document and make it easier for the public to understand. Officials have been working with commissioners on this document for the past few months.

In addition, Randy DeWitt, assistant director of public works for water and wastewater, will give an update on the water and sewer master plan project draft report.

The report lists out problems the city needs to address, such as the need for more water storage in the city's distribution system. This is a discussion item, so commissioners won't vote on the item.

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