City Council elects a new president

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FRCC Joseph Camara 01-18-22
FRCC Joseph Camara 01-18-22

City Councilor Joseph Camara is resuming a role he held for many years as council president on the heels of Pam Laliberte-Lebeau stepping down from the leadership role she’s held for less than eight months as she faces criminal harassment charges. Check out what this means for the council right here. 

A traveling display set to appear at Bristol Community College next week is aimed at encouraging young people to not shy away from tough conversations about mental health and suicide. Learn more about the Send Silence Packing display. 

Selecting our all-time, top 10 high school girls' volleyball players — now there's a chore. It should be no surprise that half of the list has been churned out by Joseph Case High School, one of the top programs in the state. And the first two names on the list were part of that amazing Case run that claimed five straight state titles from 1986 through 1990. See everyone on the list right here. 


Your three-day forecast.
Your three-day forecast.

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