City Council honors social media team, public works employees

Feb. 12—VALDOSTA — The Valdosta City Council honored multiple residents Thursday.

Mayor Scott James Matheson honored the winners of the Valdosta Sate University Social Media Awards. The winner's of this award were VSU students Nevah Wallace, Genisis Collins, Teon Stanley, and Tyree McGhee. They were accompanied by their professor, Dr. David Nelson.

The students of Nelson's social media program were tasked with generating insightful ideas for engaging Valdosta residents through social media, as well as proposing innovative strategies for enhancing the city's online presence when it came to promoting and educating residents on SPLOST and TSPLOST.

The students' project, "How to Engage Community Members and Educating for LOST, SPLOST and TSPLOST through Social Media Channels," showcased effective goal setting techniques and comprehensive analytic tracking alongside targeting strategies for engaging younger demographics.

"I and the city council extend our full congratulations to the winners of the social media project, and commend all students' creative contributions to our community," Matheson said.

Matheson also honored Dan Robinson and Albert Anderson with the February 2024 Employee of the Month Award. Both Robinson and Anderson work at the Public Works Department and earned the award for stopping the spread of a fire in the public works building.

Robinson alerted Anderson that the ice machine was on fire, and together they attempted to extinguish the fire with fire extinguishers. When that didn't work they continued to try to put out the fire with water hoses. Anderson soon realized this was not working and removed the panels on the ice machine.

"[Anderson] took his bare hands and ripped the panels off the ice machine. One of the lieutenants at the fire department told me that saved the public works building," said City Manager Richard Hardy. "By ripping those panels off, it allowed the fire come out instead of [spreading] up."

Anderson was met with a standing ovation for his quick decision-making and fearless act during this fire.

Robinson, who was not in attendance, was also commended for his swift response as well as his quick thinking and courage. Robinson's actions were pivotal in preventing severe damage or destruction to the public borks building, ultimately saving valuable city property and equipment, city officials said.