City Council passes first reading of commercial property ordinance

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Jun. 14—SUNBURY — City Council members approved the first reading of the much-debated commercial property ordinance in Sunbury after giving the public a chance to raise concerns Monday night.

Mayor Josh Brosious led the public meeting for commercial property owners to discuss any concerns before City Council members met to vote on the first reading, which will now require commercial properties to be inspected by an outside agency every three years.

"The inspections required under this ordinance will be carried out utilizing the IPMC 2015, (International Property Maintenance Code), by the city's designated licensed inspector, detail by North East Inspection Consultants," Solicitor Joel Wiest said.

Wiest said the ordinance does not require current code compliance and standards. It is intended to provide a standard for the maintenance of equipment, systems, devices and safeguards required by this code or a previous regulation or code under which the structure or premises was constructed, altered or repaired shall be maintained in good working order.

"This ordinance will require that the safety systems already in place in a commercial building be in working order, and that minimum structural safety standards are met," said Wiest.

The cost for each inspection will be $200, and inspections will be required on a three-year basis, according to the ordinance.

The inspections will not become mandatory until Jan. 1, 2023, so that business owners have time to prepare for the fee, according to council members.

Brosious said the ordinance is for the good of the city and the safety of people who are entering the structures.

Council also thanked the Degenstein Foundation for matching a grant the city applied for. The city applied for a grant for the S.W.E.E.P project, and received $125,000. The Degenstein Foundation matched the grant.

"We are very thankful to them and continue to help and support the city of Sunbury," Brosious said.

Brosious said the project will be beneficial to the city and surrounding areas.