City 'on edge' after Virginia Walmart shooting

STORY: Comforting each other in their grief.

A church in Chesapeake, Virginia, held a service on Wednesday for the victims of a mass shooting.

Seven people were killed at the local Walmart on Tuesday when the store's supervisor opened fire on his colleagues before turning the gun on himself.

During the vigil, people signed a condolence book and offered their prayers.

Local resident Maya McKone-Sweet said the city was on edge:

"It's scary that a place where I feel so safe, like just going to Walmart, going to the grocery store is some place I need to be on edge and be scared. And, like, those are my initial reactions. And there's just a lot of somberness that those people that died and that those families like, what they're going to have to go through without their loved ones."

The gunman has been identified as 31-year-old Andre Bing.

On Wednesday, police were seen searching a vehicle believed to belong to him.

Authorities said they were still investigating what may have motivated Bing who came armed with a single handgun and multiple magazines of ammunition.

According to two employees, he said nothing as he began firing on workers.

Chesapeake Mayor, Rick West:

“For now, law enforcement will do what they can and I promise you more information will follow. Until then, please know that we will get through this...”

Tuesday's attack comes just days after another mass shooting.

A gunman killed 5 and injured 17 people on Saturday at a LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

President Joe Biden has called this latest shooting: "yet another horrific and senseless act of violence."