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The man and company behind Lake Jackson

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Lake Jackson has the feel of a small town, but the "City of Enchantment" is home to a lot of history from Dow to Selena!

Video Transcript

- So the first time I came to Lake Jackson, I noticed the street signs immediately. But if you want to know the story behind them and how they got their names, well, you're going to have to look back to how this area was first developed.

- Lake Jackson is unique.

- I loved growing up here. It was really a community. Everybody supported one another.

- It's kind of like being out in the country but still being in the city.

- Anywhere you went, you would run into people that you knew.

- [? Yet ?] it is solely designed by a single person. Alden Dow was a mid-century architect, and he designed the city from the ground up. Abner Jackson was the owner of the plantation.

- Came here in 1842.

- And the plantation land was what the Dow Chemical Company bought in order to build Lake Jackson. They were looking for a place to build, and they decided on Freeport.

- Dow Chemical needed a place for its workers to live.

- So the managers down here said, well, we'll just build our own city.

- Doctor AP Boydle and Alden Dow, who was the son of the founder of Dow Chemical, they laid it out. Alden Dow designed many of the homes, a couple of churches. Many people consider him the father of Lake Jackson.

- The Dow Chemical Company is very important in this community.

- I've been [? working here ?] 11 years. My family history, we've worked out at Dow for four generations. Everyone in this community has a connection to Dow. To me, Dow is kind of Lake Jackson. Some of the old history that we have here, it's really unique.

- [? Selena ?] was born in Lake Jackson. And we have the Center for the Arts and Sciences with their natural history museum as well as the art league gallery. We have Sea Center Texas.

- It still is a very welcoming, warm, friendly community, even though it's grown. Personally, I really don't want to lose the small town feeling.