City Health Officials Suggest New Yorkers Follow Double Mask Mandate

There's a new recommendation in New York City when it comes to masking up to stop the COVID spread. Following CDC guidelines, city health officials want New Yorkers to now follow a double mask mandate; CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.

Video Transcript

MAURICE DUBOIS: A new recommendation in the five boroughs when it comes to masking up to stop the spread of COVID.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Following CDC guidelines, city health officials want New Yorkers to now follow a double-mask mandate. CBS 2's Jenna DeAngelis has the details.

JENNA DEANGELIS: It's become the norm to see people walking around wearing a mask. But now more people, like Brianna Lowenstein, are wearing two.

BRIANNA LOWENSTEIN: Just with all the different variants of COVID-19 out there, I just want to make sure I have extra layers, extra protection, especially in busy areas like the grocery store and the subway.

- It's hard enough to have people put on one mask.

JENNA DEANGELIS: The city health department updating its mask guidance, recommending people over two years old wear a mask with at least two layers of material, or double up.

BILL DE BLASIO: Two masks are better than one. Make it a double.

DAVE CHOKSHI: We do think that double masking provides a higher level of protection that is comparable to some of the higher-grade masks.

JENNA DEANGELIS: The city following CDC guidance, which says you should not combine a KN95 with any other mask, or layer two disposable masks. Health officials say the proper way to double mask is to first put on a disposable mask, then a cloth face covering for a more snug fit.

JAKE DEUTSCH: You're really closing in any opportunity for air to leak out of the side.

JENNA DEANGELIS: Dr. Jake Deutsch showing us how, if worn properly, two masks make a big difference.

JAKE DEUTSCH: So you're talking about what's been reported as a 95%, 96% effectiveness by using double masks. So we're essentially talking close to what we're recommending or reporting for being vaccinated.

BILL DE BLASIO: Of all the things that we've learned in this crisis, maybe the most profound is the power of a mask.

JENNA DEANGELIS: And experts say wearing at least one consistently and correctly is critical to curbing COVID. Jenna DeAngelis, CBS 2 News.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: The city's guidance also suggests people at greater risk, including those 65 or older, or those with underlying medical conditions, consider wearing higher-grade masks, like KN95s.