City Of LA Expanding Clinics' Hours Amid Push To Vaccinate; Remove Appointment Requirement

As of Monday, about 37 percent of county residents have been fully vaccinated — far from what’s needed for so-called herd immunity, which some public health officials say may not be attainable. Chris Holmstrom reports.

Video Transcript

- Now meantime tonight, the city of LA is trying to make it easier to get vaccinated. So many clinics are staying open longer and you don't need an appointment. KCAL 9's Chris Holmstrom has more on the city's vaccine push.

- A quarter of a million people, that's how many people LA City wants to vaccinate this week. The city sent out this alert, letting people know they can now get a vaccine without an appointment. That goes for anyone 16 years or older. Also, all clinics will be open six days now. And one in South LA will be open at night. It's something Dr. Jerry Abraham, the director of Kedron vaccines piloted about a month ago.

JERRY ABRAHAM: I like to aka call it Club Vacc. We try to make it hit and fund.

- Dr. Abraham has been a leader of getting people vaccinated especially minorities in South LA. And since supply is now outpacing demand, the push is to get everyone vaccinated.

JERRY ABRAHAM: There are people that need vaccines. We need to do more to break down every barrier that stands in between people and their vaccines.

- So far, in LA County 37% of people have been fully vaccinated, far from what's needed for the so-called Herd immunity. People like Bruno Pozzo want to close the gap.

- Being able to just get vaccinated and not have to worry as much and hopefully, like and this pandemic was kind of mangled this.

- And night clinics like this one make it easier for Davis Man

- I can't go during the day. I work a very busy job. And so you know, I don't really have the time to do that. So it just makes it possible for me.

- And for 18-year-old Gizelle Valasco. She just wants to make sure her family stays safe.

- Because my family has a little baby sister. I'm deciding to get the shot for her safety.

- Dr. Abraham says whatever the reason, he hopes these extra clinic hours around the county get us that much closer to Herd immunity.

JERRY ABRAHAM: You really have to make these medicines, our medicines available to everyone when they're available as well. Do not confuse this for vaccine hesitancy. Maybe we just haven't met people where they are.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Again, no appointments are necessary and it is important to note that these vaccines are free and no insurance is required. Reporting in South LA, Chris Holmstrom, KCAL News.