City Leaders Urge ICE Release Omar Ameen, Arguing He Was Scapegoat For Trump Administration

Sacramento city leaders have signed a letter urging the Department of Homeland Security to release Omar Ameen from custody.

Video Transcript

- Adrienne, thank you. New tonight, Sacramento City leaders are calling on ice to release Omar Ameen. The Iraqi refugee in Sacramento Pother has been behind bars since 2018, accused of killing an Iraqi police officer. Last month, the judge called the government's case dubious and dropped all charges against him. Ameen is release from the Sacramento County jail last month but then immediately cuffed by ice and taken to a detention center in Bakersfield. In a letter to Homeland Security Darrell Steinberg and city council members writing, quote, "not only is there no basis for his continued detention or deportation, the false accusations against Mr. Ameen would place him in danger of wrongful execution or he returned to Iraq."