City OKs East Park Avenue subdivision

Apr. 27—VALDOSTA — A new family subdivision is coming to the city.

Stoker Development has plans to develop 73 lots consisting of 6,000- to 7,000-square-feet, high-density single-family residential subdivision at 2310 E. Park Ave., which is about halfway between Inner Perimeter Road and the rear entrance to the new Valdosta High School.

Amenities for the subdivision include a small community park and an open area near the entrance.

As part of the layout design, the applicant is proposing a single entrance and either a reduced public right-of-way width of 40 feet or a reduced front yard building setback distance on all lots — to accommodate their proposed building footprints.

Valdosta City Council unanimously approved the company's request to rezone a total of 15.94 acres from single-family residential and residential-professional to all multi-family residential.

Matt Martin, city planning and zoning administrator, noted in his report to City Council that the development would give the area some needed residential space.

"The surrounding land use patterns in the area are dominated by mostly vacant/undeveloped land, with a few small commercial uses along Inner Perimeter Road, the existing church across the street to the west, and the high school to the south. ... The applicant's proposal for R-M zoning is at the lower end of this spectrum and should be readily approved as a change in the right direction. However, it should be noted that the applicant's proposed subdivision is only conceptual in nature and its design would require some substantial variances in order to be approved. ... The future widening of East Park Avenue factors into that," he said.

Matthew Inman, senior project manager and engineer for Advanced Engineering Services, clarified to council that the project takes into consideration the future road widening, and the subdivision will have two entrances as well as other design amenities.

"A couple of neat things that this developer likes doing that we're doing midway in the middle of the block of noncontinuous blocks in the middle. There's 23 right here. Just kind of mid blocks you can walk between the two blocks. It really encouraged pedestrian walking on the property. You don't have to let the entire outside loop to get to someone's house... the top perimeter has got a nice play area up front, they've put a kiosk up front and this is convenient for everybody. We got parking spots where you wait. That's our intended place for the kiosk. So, I just think everything on this one is pretty clean," he said.

Subdivision review and construction plans will be announced at a future date.