City removes neo-Nazi stickers

Kristine Goodrich, The Free Press, Mankato, Minn.
·1 min read

Apr. 10—MANKATO — City staff removed stickers promoting neo-Nazism from traffic light poles in Mankato.

The stickers have prompted a group to plan a rally.

A city announcement Friday afternoon described the stickers as "offensive" and said they were in the process of being removed because they are considered graffiti and "do not align with the community's or city's values."

Indivisible St. Peter/Greater Mankato indicated in social media posts the graffiti promoted neo-Nazism. The group was organizing people to remove the stickers themselves before the city began taking them down.

There were 20 to 30 stickers around the Minnesota State University campus and some also were placed in downtown Mankato a few weeks ago, according to Indivisible.

The progressive citizen group is now planning to hold a "rally against antisemitism and white supremacy" on April 18. A time or location has not yet been decided.