City of Seattle settles with family of man killed at Wedgwood intersection

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The family of a man struck and killed at an intersection has settled with the City of Seattle in a lawsuit brought by his family, according to a media release from the family’s attorneys.

Jackson Reavis, 22, was struck and killed in 2019 while riding his motorcycle through an intersection at 35th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 75th Street in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood.

While Reavis went through the intersection, the driver of a pickup truck hit him while he was turning left at a solid green light.

The City of Seattle settled for $6.5 million.

According to the Reavis family attorneys, the City was aware the intersection was not safe and had planned to install left-turn arrow signals, but did not make improvements at the intersection until after Reavis was killed.

The attorneys’ statement says the City allotted funding for the improvements, but abandoned their project, despite concerns from community members.

Less than a month after Reavis’ death, the City began its work to install the left-turn arrow signals.