City to sell Mitchell House condo

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Oct. 12—THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville City Council is moving out of the Mitchell House.

Council members, in a 4-1 vote Monday, agreed to sell their condominium unit there to the winning bid of $385,000.

That bid was the sole offer for the condo, unit 401, which had a minimum of $370,000. The unit is 1,635 square feet, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

"It's a fair bid," council member David Hufstetler said. "This is $385,000 we think we can add to the city coffers."

Hufstetler also pointed out the city has been weighing what to do with the condo for about two years.

Council members adopted an emergency resolution to allow for first and second readings of an ordinance. Council member Wanda Warren voted against approving the emergency resolution, stating doing so didn't allow time for input from city residents.

"We need to get rid of it," Mayor Greg Hobbs said. "I think it's been a good benefit."

Warren objected to the use of emergency resolutions to enact ordinances.

"We need to be careful of all these resolutions of emergency," Warren said. "I don't consider this an emergency."

Hufstetler also said emergency is not the right term when it comes to selling the condo unit.

"But we all know it ain't a deal till it's over," he said. "We got a buyer, we got a seller, we're on same sheet of music, let's do it."

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