City to sell Spin City building

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Sep. 13—City commissioners decided to sell the Spin City building at 915 S Washington Street at their commission meeting on Tuesday.

The skating rink, which is owned by the city and is the only such establishment in the state not under private ownership, has been closed since March of 2020 due to COVID-19.

Currently, the building is in a state of disrepair needing major repairs for the roof and new carpeting among other smaller fixes that would be estimated to cost the city $150,000 before rehiring staff to run the rink.

Currently the building's value is listed at $463,110.

City manager Allen Dinkel brought up that the city had been running Spin City at a loss but stated that wasn't necessarily an issue, comparing the rink to a city pool.

While commissioners expressed their dismay that officially closing the rink and selling off the building would eliminate an entertainment option for young families in the community, they went ahead and instructed Dinkel to put out an request for proposal for prospective relators who'd like to market the building.

The commission also voted to give city employees a bonus as an appreciation stipend for employee's efforts during the pandemic.

All employees who are on the payroll as of last Tuesday will receive the bonus. Full-time employees will be receiving a one-time $500 while part-time will receive $250.

The commission is scheduled to meet again Sept. 21.

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