City signage project may get off the ground soon

Keri Thornton, Tahlequah Daily Press, Okla.
·2 min read

Apr. 24—Tahlequah officials are looking to enhance the city with a new signage project.

Mayor Sue Catron recently wrote a column for the Daily Press wherein she said tourism and economic opportunities are rapidly growing for the city.

"Tourism is a big deal for Tahlequah's economy," Catron wrote in her column. "Hotels, restaurants, small local shops, are all dependent upon those who visit. With the advent of the new county tourism tax, we hope the number of people vacationing in Cherokee County increases significantly."

Catron believes adding wayfinding signage will benefit the city for tourists and those new to the area.

"Many of us have driven in northwest Arkansas and seen their wayfinding signs. The signs are large, colorful, easy to read, and adaptable for future changes. I would like Tahlequah to have something similar," she said.

Catron began initially working on the project when she created a list of priority locations for the signs.

"I had scheduled some conversations with other local entities when the Tourism Council, Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street leadership began planning for new branding that would establish coordinated fonts, colors, symbols, etc. for our community," the mayor said.

Catron added she had put the project on hold for a few months after she recognized the need for the work to be completed before progressing any further.

"It's not a new conversation for Tahlequah, and we may not be able to install every sign needed in one fell swoop, but it is time this project gets underway," she wrote. "We are a community of friendly, welcoming individuals and we want and need to care for our guests. We need signs."

A resident contacted Catron after her column was published and informed her that the Chamber of Commerce had met with a consultant to help established a plan for wayfinding signs a few years ago.

"I'm now on a quest to find the results of that plan, as it may push us a long way down the road quickly," said Catron.