City Of Waltham Will Meet To Decide If Moody Street Will Be Shut Down To Traffic

Some businesses said closing the street limits parking access for customers.

Video Transcript

- All of the city of Waltham is going to wait longer to decide if parts of Moody Street will be shut down to allow outdoor dining for restaurants. The traffic commission discussed that issue today but put off a decision. Now Waltham was one of the first communities to close off the street to traffic last year, allowing restaurants to set up tables and chairs right on the street. Now restaurants say it helped them survive the pandemic. But at the traffic commission meeting today, other small businesses said the street closure is unfair. Because it restricts parking access for their customers.

- Making Waltham a showpiece and a place for everyone to be attracted from the area, to come to this area, to the Moody street marketplace.

- If we find a solution, it have to be for everybody not for just a few restaurants and that's about the Moody street.

- One proposal would allow one way traffic along Moody Street. The Waltham mayor says the city will meet again next week.