City's recreation takeover delayed until Labor Day

Mar. 15—Glynn County officials have agreed to delay the transition of recreation programs in Brunswick back to the city until after Labor Day.

During that time, the county will continue to manage city swimming pools and programs and the make the transition as smooth as possible. The delay will enable the city to acquire more equipment as the county removes its computers and other equipment.

The city and county agreed to delay the city takeover, originally planned for July 1, during the Local Option Sales Tax negotiations, said Bill Fallon, Glynn County manager.

"The county wants to make sure the city is successful in the transition," he said.

During a media roundtable meeting Tuesday, Fallon discussed a new campaign regarding short-term rentals called Good Neighbor Guidelines.

The county is asking guests staying in the 1,680 short-term rental homes on St. Simons Island, Sea Island and unincorporated Glynn County to park in designated parking spots, store and follow trash pickup schedules, keep noise to a minimum and be aware of noise ordinances and regulations. They are also asked to use bike paths when available and obey traffic signals and signs.

Fallon said the county has a three-strike rule that could potentially cause a property owner to lose a short-term rental license.

Compliance is strong in the county, with fewer than 40 unregistered short-term rental homes.

"We're working on the compliance side," he said.

The rentals generate about 35% of the county's bed taxes.

There is an ongoing national search for a new Glynn County police chief. Fallon said a short list of candidates will be presented to county commissioners at Thursday's meeting. Commissioners will choose the new chief with input from Fallon and staff, he said.

Applications for the position have come from all over the country, he said. The challenges of the new chief will be dealing with violent crime and recruitment and retention of officers.

"The community wants this position filled," Fallon said.

The new chief will answer to Don Gentry, the new assistant county manager.

The rewrite of the county's ordinances is ongoing by TSW, the company that submitted a proposed draft that drew the ire of a committee created to review and edit it. Fallon said he will meet with TSW officials this week for a status update.

"We gave them clear direction over the summer," he said.