Cladding victims ‘let down by the system’

Bassel lost his flat in the war in Syria and is now at risk of losing everything again, as a victim of flammable cladding.

Video Transcript

- I need to save more money. So I can pay a debt that I have nothing to do with. It's just annoyingly heartbreaking.


- I think when you live in these situations, you often come to a point where you feel numbed of the violence and the death that goes around. When I first came to the UK, I had to walk. So I can save the fare of the bus to build myself up to actually put a deposit together for a flat.

I was asked to put a 25% deposit, which is higher than the usual because of my status being on asylum, which could lead to me being bankrupt. It's unfair.

I've done this before. I've lost a flat before. And if you like-- you just been let down by the system. You've paid for every bill and every mortgage payment and everything that every service charge and everything that needed to be done. Yet, you might lose everything that you've put in it and everything that you have saved so far.

I can't just leave my flat and go and live somewhere else. It's the place that I've invested in. It's the place that I've decided to call home.

I'm saddened every day I'm living there because of feeling of injustice and feeling of helplessness. There should be some sense of solidarity with people who are living in these situations. And I'm still hopeful that this is going to happen. Shared pain across different levels or different sides of the society, who would stand together against something that's unfair that it's impacting millions of people.