Clare Crawley Was Dealing with 'Crazy Health Problems' Before Getting Her Breast Implants Removed

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Clare Crawley breast implant removal
Clare Crawley breast implant removal

Clare Crawley/Instagram Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley is feeling "really good" three days after getting her breast implants removed.

The former Bachelorette, 40, opted to get her implants out after five years because she started dealing with "crazy health problems."

"I was having a lot of autoimmune issues without being diagnosed with any autoimmune diseases," she explained while taking questions from her followers on her Instagram Story. "So I was having inflammation, my lymph nodes were swollen all of the time, and there was a lot of other stuff happening too."

Along with the autoimmune issues, Crawley said that she had started developing strange rashes on her body "about a year" after getting her implants. And she explained in an earlier video that doctors found she had elevated white blood cell counts and sacs of fluid behind her implants.

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Opting to have them removed was a big decision, Crawley said, and she was extremely nervous before the surgery. But in retrospect, she said, it nothing compared the risk she had put herself at by getting them in the first place.

Having breast implants "was painful, it was difficult, it was risky," she said. "Just because of five years of crazy health problems with no answers. So … putting them in was way more difficult [than getting them out]."

And Crawley said that not only has she not "had any pain" so far in the days after her surgery, she's already feeling healthier.

"I'm just happy to be back to myself and be healthy."

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After a follower said that they had been considering breast implants but were reconsidering after hearing about Crawley's symptoms, the reality star was thrilled she could help.

"This is truly why I wanted to share what I've been going through, because I think when I got them, I had no idea it could have any side effects," Crawley said. "I just didn't know or pay any attention to it. But this is why I'm sharing with you guys."

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Crawley also emphasized that she's not going to talk about her breast size before or after her implant removal, because she doesn't want people to focus on the sizing.

"I think that's what gets us into this position in the first place, is this comparison of sizes," she said. "And the goal should be healthy."

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