Clark County Clerk of Courts to add imaging to online records system

Sep. 18—People searching for court files through the Clark County Common Pleas Court will be able to view them on the court's website starting this week.

The Clark County Clerk of Courts Office has started adding images of attachments to docket entries on its CourtView website. The office updated to a CourtView case management system in 2018, but until recently it was unable to add images as part of docket entries.

The addition of images of past cases is currently being reviewed by the Clerk's Office and will be updated incrementally in the future, Clark County Clerk of Courts Melissa M. Tuttle said.

Parties previously had to make an in-person or electronic public records request to view images. Now, images will be viewable online as part of the docket entry and will be updated as documents are filed, said Tuttle.

"Moving forward, the public will know what is filed on a daily basis all without having to come to the office, make a phone call, or records request," Tuttle said.

The project has been six years in the making, Tuttle said, and the addition of images to entries will decrease foot traffic at the courthouse, speed up title searches for prospective home buyers in Clark County and lower litigation costs.

"It allows us to serve the public more efficiently and increase transparency for the community," Tuttle said.

While the Clerk's Office will continue to monitor filings with personal identifiers, Tuttle said the responsibility is on the filer to safeguard sensitive information.