Clark, Floyd sheriffs-elect name command staffs

Nov. 23—SOUTHERN INDIANA — Clark County Sheriff-Elect Scottie Maples and Floyd County Sheriff-Elect Steve Bush have leadership in place for when they take over the departments on Jan. 1.

Both men have called upon people with years of experience within the departments for these roles.

Current Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel will stay on board at the CCSO and serve as a major.

Randy Thomas, a 17-year CCSO veteran, will serve as chief deputy and Col. Mark Grube, who's been with the department 16 years, will be assistant chief.

"I am proud to say that every one of the people in my administration, with the exception of Jamey Noel, began their career as a corrections officer," Maples said. "They (all) obviously care about the place."

Mark Meyer, with 22 years of service, and Anthony Mills, with 17 years of service have been named lieutenant colonels.

Nick Mobley, who has 20 years of service at the CCSO, has been named a major, alongside Noel.

Erik Elliot, a 13-year CCSO veteran, has been named chief of detectives major.

Michael Willen, a 15-year veteran, has been named lieutenant of operations.

"This crew right here has 140 years of experience at the CCSO," Maples said.

Maples said he appreciates Noel allowing him to already start filling positions at the CCSO ahead of him officially taking office in 2023.

"I thank Sheriff Noel for letting me pre-emptively hire," Maples said.

Police officers Tyler D'alfonso and Eric Becht have been hired on from the Clark County jail. D'alfonso's grandfather, Jim LaRochelle, was Maples' lieutenant when he worked as a corrections officer at the jail.

Maples said the department has a number of goals it will work on starting in the new year.

"One of the major ones we have is re-doing the booking area. It's been in place since 2007," Maples said. "Our jail has a lot of wear-and-tear."

He said corrections officers will also get a 10% raise starting next year.

In Floyd County, Sheriff-elect Steve Bush has named Floyd County Sheriff's Office Lt. Jeff Firkins as his chief deputy. Firkins has spent 23 years with the department.

"My professional life has been devoted to the Floyd County Sheriff's Department. I appreciate Sheriff-Elect Bush's confidence and look forward to leading within the department that means so much to me," Firkins said. "We are fortunate to live and serve in a community that appreciates its sheriff's department and will work hard to provide them with services of the highest standards".

Scott Evans, who is currently serving the department as a lieutenant, has been named the colonel.

"I am excited that Sheriff-Elect Bush has placed his trust and confidence in me to be a part of his executive staff, allowing me to assist him in leading the men and women of the best sheriff's department in the state," Evans said.

Evans has been with the FCSO for 23 years and has also worked with the Harrison County sheriff as a corrections officer and police officer.

Bush said the team is already working together to get ready to assume office. Bush said he is very focused on service work and is already meeting with stakeholders in Floyd County.

"I hope to have a strong community outreach program, being in the community doing stuff for the kids, having a kids camp," Bush said. "(We are working on) all that encompasses the jail, looking at faith-based programs, programs in general in terms of transition and how we can reach people who need to reached. I don't have all the answers."

He said he's currently having discussions with Sheriff Frank Loop about the needs for the department.

"He's had a good career and we wish him well. He'll be willing to help in terms of if we have questions," Bush said. "I thank him for that and look forward to if I'd have questions, to give him a call."