Class of '72 shows out in dedication of new flag pole

Sep. 20—While celebrating their 50 year class reunion, the Class of 1972 graduates of Duncan High School showed out in numbers to dedicate the new flag pole at Duncan High School's Halliburton Stadium.

Halliburton Stadium has been a mainstay of Duncan football tradition and is one of few stadiums that will stick to its roots by keeping the old stadium and adding new life through new amenities.

Chip Woods, one of the main organizers for the Class of 1972, started to bring the class together to discuss projects for a class donation during their reunion.

With the stadium going through the changes and the flag pole left as one of the original things in need of replacement, the class took the discussion to Duncan Athletics.

After discussion with the project manager for the Halliburton Stadium renovations, Woods and the Class of 1972 decided to help fund the new pole, which is now on the north end zone of the field.

"We went from a 25-foot rusty pole with a three-by-five flag to a 60-foot pole with a 10-by-15 flag," Woods said. "The rocks at the base of it are from the wall, the WPA wall that was torn down for the new building that will be built down there. When we get a new scoreboard, it will have the same base so it will all match. It is black to go with the new black railing that is being put in, so it's going to look really nice while being something for the whole town to be proud of."

While it wasn't their official reunion, Woods was amazed at the turnout from the Class of 1972 students during the dedication of the new pole.

"This isn't even our reunion weekend — there wasn't a game the weekend of our reunion, so we did this now," Woods said. "So I am so proud that this many people have come just to dedicate the flagpole and be here for the first home game."

They will have their official reunion at the end of September and Woods said he is so happy that this will be something his family members will enjoy for years to come.

"We have people here that we have known each other for 67 years and there are other people who we have went to grade school together," Woods said. "Our kids have gone to school together, our grandkids are going to school and it is just a very class and we had a great time."

Larry Davidson began raising the flag at Duncan home football games 51 years ago and was there to see the new flag pole in use for the first time.

Davidson started to raise the flag during the Class of 1972 senior year. He said he was honored to be a part of the raising the flag on the new pole that made the debut in this past Friday's home opener.

"I've never been ashamed to look at the flag flying. It always has inspired me and it always inspires the people all around," Davidson said. "A generation of veterans. We were all veterans. We all served and we all honor our country. That is why we do it — we don't do it for pats on our back or gratitude."

The American Legion has talked for years about getting the pole replaced at Halliburton Stadium. Davidson is happy the Class of 1972 came together for this project.

"For years, American Legion Post 55 has talked about replacing the flag pole, but we never acted on it," Davidson said. "This class of '72 got the ball rolling and put in and I'm glad they did. I am glad that a class from Duncan put it up because it means so much more to the Duncan educational system than us doing it."

Duncan Mayor Robert Armstrong, in attendance, gave a proclamation of the new flag pole as the Duncan High School band got ready to play the National Anthem.

As the flag raised, members of the VFW and Class of 1972 stood and the National Anthem played before the Duncan football game kicked off against Piedmont.