Class, band are different as Calif. schools reopen

After being closed for nearly a year, some public schools in California are reopening with new COVID-19 safety protocols. Most students in the nation’s most populous state have been learning from home for the past year during the pandemic. (March 2)

Video Transcript

JEFF WALLACE: Follow the arrows. Thank you. Inside the classroom, the desks are 6 feet apart now, so students are socially distant. We have trifold barriers on all the desks to make sure the kids have a barrier between them and any other student. Between our morning and afternoon cohort, we have a enhanced cleaning crew that comes through and sanitizes all the desks for the students.

We basically close off all our lockers so kids don't congregate in the locker room. So any areas where kids might congregate, we've closed those down. And then in the band, we are following all of the National Federation of High Schools' guidance. So all the band instruments have bell covers on them, and the kids are wearing masks with slits.


As other school sites start reopening, they will find the same thing-- that it can be done safely with the proper safety procedures in place. So yeah, I commend the governor for stepping forward and really getting kids back in the classroom, because I think it's really important for their mental health. It's important for their education.

JENNIFER BECKER: Like the bones are the structure of your body-- does that make sense? I am elated to have the kids back at school. I love it so much. Teaching online was difficult for them. It was hard. I mean, you have your technical difficulties. Mrs. Becker, you're glitchy right now. I can't hear you. Mrs. Becker, you froze for a minute. Can you go back and explain? So having them here in person for that is wonderful.

I can actually see who's struggling, where when they're on camera, I can't tell who's struggling. They're tiny little windows. So I can really see, oh, this person really doesn't get it. They can't turn off their cameras. They all have to be present. And they're happy. They're smiling.