Classics for sale: Lynx Eventer Jaguar XJ-S Estate

Calum Brown

Usually, if you are human shaped or have legs, you won’t get in the back of a Jaguar XJ-S. Not without taking a hacksaw to a chosen limb, at least. The front of Jaguar’s gentlemanly cruiser may offer more legroom, but sprout beyond six foot and the E-type successor will mercilessly rub your scalp until bald. You will look like Alf Garnett in no time.

On paper, the V12 XJ-S is useless. It devours a gallon of fuel every 12 miles, falls to pieces when treated with anything but kid gloves, and offers the impracticability of a marzipan stove. If you want to carry four people, you’ll have to hail a taxi for two of them. Need to take your luggage to the airport? You’ll need to send the suitcases ahead.

However, there is a solution. For those seeking the pace and grace of Coventry’s finest, yet who are desperate for added space, the Lynx Eventer]( is your prime candidate for practical exclusivity. [This one up for grabs in our classifieds is located in Holland. Who said you need drugs to plan your visit? Although you could probably fit a fair load of plants in the rear...

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Only 67 Eventers were crafted by Lynx, a Sussex-based engineering firm. Originally starting with faithful C- and D-type replicas, the company eventually moved away from drop-top conversions and instead crafted an XJ-S with a difference. Mainly, one that could be used as a daily car without causing a mental breakdown.

The V12 was still up front, guzzling away like Richard Burton mid-pub crawl, but it offered the extended rear of an estate car. Suddenly, 12mpg wasn’t so tear-inducingly redundant. Here you could cart four four people in luxury, as well as the dog, effectively making the XJ-S five times more efficient. Well, in theory, maybe.

Sadly, with so few constructed by Lynx, the Eventer estate rarely appears for sale. That’s why we sat bold upright upon clocking this beast in our classifieds.

From the classifieds

Constructed in 1991, this Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer is number 62 of the original 67 vehicles built and has covered 128,705km.

Sporting blemish-free Solent Blue paintwork with contrasting Magnolia leather interior, the Eventer was originally delivered to its first custodian in Holland, thus is left-hand drive. In fact, it remains the last-ever left-hand-drive example made.

Not exclusive enough for you? It’s also one of only three produced with the facelifted XJ-S aesthetics.

Boasting an electric sunroof, cruise control, ear-piercing alarm, sports suspension and all the usual Jaguar-based refinements, this rare classic remains richly equipped for such an age-old special order.

Having been kept in fastidious style, the Eventer is presented in fine form. There are bills for well over £40,000 worth of maintenance in the past five years alone, with receipts and certificates of work embedded in the comprehensive history file.

Over the past couple of years the suspension, brakes and performance have been tweaked, while a new stainless-steel exhaust has also been fitted – making this a highly useable thoroughbred. Get a closer look with the classifieds listing.