Clearwater police extract snake found in man’s couch

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Clearwater police officers responded to a call Saturday at the Marilyn Pines condominiums after a man reported that a snake was nesting in his couch, according to a Facebook post by the Clearwater Police Department.

Officers carried the couch outside and extracted a red-tailed boa, according to the post. Police said the snake was about 5 feet long.

Red-tailed boas are “extremely common in the pet trade, and individuals sometimes escape or are released by owners,” according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. The boas are native to Central and South America, and they are typically about 8 feet long, according to the commission.

The Clearwater man told police that he had just gotten the couch, and he thinks the snake was hiding in it when he brought it home, according to the Facebook post.

The snake was taken to a local pet store following its extraction, police said.

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