Cleveland Co. commissioner races: Read up on candidates before June 28 primary

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Jun. 13—The June 28 primary will bring lots of important races to Cleveland County voters' ballots, but few will be as locally impactful as the Cleveland County commissioner races.

Two of the county's commissioners are up for re-election this year, and both will face opponents in this month's primary. The Transcript profiled each candidate ahead of the race to give voters a better understanding of who's on their ballots and what issues those candidates represent.

But before we get to candidates, let's answer some key questions about our county commission.

How many commissioners do we have?

Cleveland County has three commissioners who each oversee a district. The current commissioners are Rod Cleveland in District 1, Darry Stacy in District 2 and Harold Haralson in District 3.

Our county commissioners are paid $91,000 annually, and are up for election every four years. Unlike city council positions, commission seats are partisan; all three current commissioners are Republicans.

What do commissioners do?

It's not all repairing roads and bridges — Mindy Ragan Wood found commissioners can be in a meeting on a board or committee one minute and in court the next, on a road grader one day or on another oversee the burial of an indigent resident. Commissioners keep an eye on the county jails, fairgrounds, the county's department budgets and much more.

Read Mindy's story "A day in the life of a county commissioner" to find out more about these elected officials.

Who are this year's candidates?

Two of the three Cleveland County commissioner seats — in districts 1 and 3 — are up for election this year. District 2 Commissioner Darry Stacy re-won his seat in 2020 and will not be up for re-election until 2024.

District 1

* Rod Cleveland (incumbent), Republican

* Ron Henderson, Republican

* Matthew Peacock, Independent

District 3:

* Rusty Grissom, Republican

* Harold Haralson (incumbent), Republican

* J.D. Krohmer, Democrat

* Mona "Mo" Vaughn, Democrat

How do I register to vote in this race?

Unfortunately, the deadline for registration to vote in the June 28 primary passed a few weeks ago. However, if you want to check your registration you can do so at, and if you want to register before the general election in November, you can find an Oklahoma Voter Registration Application form at the Cleveland County Election Board Office (641 E. Robinson St., Suite 200, Norman) and at most tag agencies, post offices and public libraries in the county. Forms are also available at or; they can be mailed to or dropped off at the county election board.