Cleveland CycleWerks reveals Falcon electric motorcycle with retro-futurist design

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Electric motorcycles are fast becoming a trend in the two-wheeled world, and today we have another contender for you. It comes from Cleveland CycleWerks, and it’s called the Falcon. The, yes, Cleveland-based company has made a bike that is more of a stylish commuter than a speed demon. Its retro-futurist design is a mix of eras, and it definitely has our attention.

There are two versions of the bike: Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK. The Falcon BLK is the most intriguing, as its specs are significantly better than the 01. Cleveland CycleWerks estimates that you’ll be able to ride for approximately 160 miles with the BLK if you have it in Eco mode, or 100 miles if you’re being more aggressive on the throttle. The range is thanks to a 4.4 kWh dual battery pack (consisting of two swappable 2.2 kWh packs) and a light 175-pound curb weight. As we foreshadowed, it’s not one of the faster bikes. The BLK is capable of an 85 mph top speed, and its single electric motor produces 17.5 horsepower and 29 pound-feet of torque. It’ll take 45 minutes to charge to 80 percent, and an hour and a half to get to 100 percent. All this doesn’t come cheap, as the Falcon BLK is priced at $14,995. The first 20 will be “Founders Edition” bikes that give the owner power to customize it to their heart’s content from the factory.

The cheaper option at $7,995 is the Falcon 01. This bike is limited to 80 miles of range on a full charge in Eco mode, or 50 miles when riding with gusto. Top speed has been reduced to about 65 mph. The Falcon 01 just uses one 2.2 kWh battery pack, but it charges at the same rate as the BLK (45 minutes for an 80 percent charge). Its curb weight is reduced even further, as this bike only weighs 150 pounds.

Both bikes come with a two-year/unlimited miles warranty for the “power pack” from the factory and are available to order now. Cleveland CycleWerks has been around for over 10 years making motorcycles, but this is its first foray into the electric bike world.

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