Cleveland man gets Charles Ramsey’s face tattooed on his leg [PHOTO]

Excellent decision-maker and tattoo artist Stephen Munhollon chose to permanently honor Charles Ramsey — the awesome and extremely blunt Cleveland man who helped three abducted women escape from their captor last week — by inking the hero’s face on his leg.

After several of Ramsey’s televised interviews describing how he kicked down the door to free Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight went viral, Munhollon’s tattoo-artist friend Rodney Rose had a great idea.

Rose posted an offer to his Facebook account last week that stated he would give some willing idiot participant a free tattoo — as long as it was a rendering of Ramsey’s face.

Charles Ramsey tattoo (Photo: 252 Tattoo/ Facebook)
Charles Ramsey tattoo (Photo: 252 Tattoo/ Facebook)

Charles Ramsey tattoo (Photo: 252 Tattoo/ Facebook)

“He’s kind of like that public figure in Cleveland right now, kind of the voice and face of it,” Rose told Cleveland’s Fox 8. “He’s such an expressive guy, I figured it’d make a great tattoo.”

Munhollon decided that he was just apathetic enough about the whole thing to go for it.

“I think Rodney and I were caught up in the ridiculousness of it,” said Munhollon. “You could ask the question, did I want to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg, and the obvious answer is no. The real question is, was I willing to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg, and the answer was yes.”

The tattoo took about five hours to complete, just about the same amount of time that Mulhollon will get attention for having it. He said that people have asked to take their photo next to Ramsey’s portrait on the back of his leg.

Still, Mulhollon’s reason to permanently honor a local hero is almost as cool as it is stupid.

“In society, a lot of times people choose not to get involved in situations,” he told Fox 8. “I think what’s really grabbed people in regards to Mr. Ramsey, is he’s an average, everyday guy. He’s an ordinary person, he was put in an extraordinary situation that he could have walked away from. But he chose to do something.”

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Cleveland man gets Charles Ramsey's face tattooed on his leg [PHOTO]

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