Climate activists glue themselves to dinosaur exhibit at Berlin museum

BERLIN (Reuters) - Two women glued themselves to the handrails around a dinosaur exhibit at Berlin's Natural History museum on Sunday in the latest protest by climate activists, calling on the German government to scale up measures to fight climate change.

The two activists glued themselves to the handrails around the skeleton of a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago, holding a banner that read: "What if the government doesn't have it under control?"

"The dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn't withstand the massive climate changes. The same threatens us," said Caris Connell, one of the women, aged 34.

The Last Generation group, which was behind the protest, said Germany must cut emissions immediately to stop mass extinction of species and called on Berlin to impose a speed limit on motorways.

The Germany government has set CO2 reduction targets to become carbon neutral by 2045 but has not set a speed limit on the country's motorway network.

The protest continued for 20 minutes until police arrived. Releasing the women from the handrails took another 40 minutes.

The Natural History Museum said it had filed a criminal complaint for trespassing and property damage.

(Reporting by Riham Alkousaa and Gabriele Sajonz; Editing by Frances Kerry)