Climate activists march in California to demand action

Around 100 young activists marched across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on Monday to demand more action on climate change.

The protesters carried banners calling for a Green New Deal.

They are now on the last leg of a 266 mile march which began in the fire-ravaged town of Paradise and will end outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home.

They say help for the state's wildfires could come in the form of a Civilian Climate Corps similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps created to help lift the U.S. out of the Great Depression under President Roosevelt.

One of the protest's lead organizers is Ema Govea.

"They are not being brave and they are not fighting hard enough to keep the climate in this infrastructure bill, to fight for the boldest most well-funded civilian climate corps possible. We understand the science. We know what's necessary. We are asking for their legislation to be at scale with the climate crisis. Everything that they're putting forward is too watered down, it's just not enough."

Govea was one of seven people who started the long march on May 28 in Paradise.

The northern California town was the scene of the state's deadliest wildfire in 2018.

That's when a blaze raced across a mountain ridge, killing 85 people and destroying the town.

Since then, the state has experienced wildfire after wildfire.

Last year, more than 4 million acres and over 10,000 homes and other structures were laid to waste.

At least 33 lives were lost.

The activists see this as evidence that more urgency is needed.