Climbers with no gear get stuck on Colorado rock slab when the surface gets too hot

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A Colorado rock slab was too hot for two climbers to bear.

Two climbers were attempting to climb a rock formation west of Boulder with no gear on Sunday, July 3, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said.

The climbers were free soloing and got stuck on the First Flatiron when the surface became too hot. Free soloing is a type of climbing where the climber won’t use bolts or rope, and there’s nothing to catch /them if they fall.

“The rock became too hot and they became concerned that they would be unable to get off the rock safely,” deputies said. “As a result, the two climbers called 911 requesting assistance.”

Rescuers rushed to help the climbers, who were both 28-year-old men. The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group got the climbers’ location and verified that they weren’t injured.

“Rescuers hiked in and climbed up to the stuck climbers, securing them with harnesses and ropes before lowering them to the ground,” deputies said.

Less than a week earlier, another free solo climber got stuck 160 feet up the park’s Second Flatiron.The 28-year-old became “fatigued” and called for help, the sheriff’s office said.

‘Fatigued’ climber gets stuck 160 feet up on Colorado rock slab with no gear, cops say

The First and Second Flatiron are popular rock formations near Boulder.

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